website-budgrace-webBud Grace (Actually his name is Robert. His father was also Robert, so he named his son after himself. He also named his daughter Roberta. Do you see a trend here?) Bud Grace was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, but his family moved to Anna Maria Island, Florida when he was a mere sprat. He grew up in poverty, scraping a meagre existence by selling coconut shavings to the tourists. But he studied hard and finally ended up with a PhD in Physics from Florida State University in 1971. When he was 35 he decided he liked drawing cartoons better than thinking, and in 1988 King Features syndicated his feature Ernie. The title remains Ernie in most of its international publications, but at home its called Piranha Club. Bud is married to Lorraine nee Amico, and he has a son, Allen. They live in Reston Virginia. Bud is good looking, witty, charming, and he’s kind to old people and children.

Dr. Grace contributed to this article.